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More Than Just a Place to Stay


Diving Facilities

For your safety and comfort in diving, we provide diving equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Scubapro, Aqualung and Mares. We have 20 sets of diving equipment consisting of depth gauges and pressure regulators, BCD, diving suits, masks, snorkels, and fins. We also provide Go Pro and Sony underwater cameras that you can use to capture various moments while you are diving.

Luxury Diving Resort in Manado

4 units of boats and 1 unit of fast boat that will accompany you to dive in Manado Bay

Qualified Divemaster

They have been a part of this resort since 2005. These people are valuable assets. We appreciate them for their dedication and responsibility towards their work. They are experts in guiding, especially for beginner divers.

Luxury Diving Resort in Manado
Diving equipments in Manado and bunaken

1st Quality Equipment

We also have more than 120 dive tanks (80 cuft aluminum / 12 l.) For divers who use the first stage DIN regulator. Besides, we also provide international valve adapters.

Two Bauer Mariner compressors ensure the availability of clean and healthy air supply and timely refilling.

All equipment is properly maintained and serviced regularly.

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Our enthusiastic dive guides can lead a special guided dive for divers who would like personal assistance to locate and identify marine life, or who simply have the desire and comfort of having an experienced diver nearby. Special requests regarding diving are always welcome and we will attend to these to the best of our ability to assure safe and spectacular underwater experiences.

Luxury Diving Resort in Manado

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